No.Program TitleStart DateEnd DateDurationVenueRegister
1Ball And Roller Bearings (Selection, Greasing, Replacement, Installation & Maintenance, Failure Analysis)1-Jan-1712-Jan-1710 daysVienna - Austria
2Introduction To Finite Element Analysis8-Jan-1712-Jan-175 daysJordan - Amman
3Reverse Engineering In Manufacturing Spare Parts15-Jan-1719-Jan-175 daysMorocco, Casablanca
4Centrifugal Pumps Operation And Maintenance22-Jan-1726-Jan-175 daysEgypt, Alexandria
5Gas Turbine Operation And Maintenance5-Feb-179-Feb-175 daysDammam, Saudi Arabia
6Valves: Selection, Installation And Maintenance12-Feb-1716-Feb-175 daysManama - Bahrain
7Design And Selection Of Fluid Power Pumps And Motors19-Feb-172-Mar-1710 daysUnited States of America
8Heat Exchangers Design12-Mar-1716-Mar-175 daysMalaysia, Singapore
9Industrial Pumps And Fans: Selection, Operation And Maintenance19-Mar-1723-Mar-175 daysDoha, Qatar
10Vibration Based Predictive Maintenance, Machine Monitoring And Diagnostic Systems26-Mar-1730-Mar-175 daysUAE - Dubai
11Engineering Lubrication9-Apr-1713-Apr-175 daysMorocco, Casablanca
12Computer Aided Design Of Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC Part I)16-Apr-1720-Apr-175 daysTurkey, Istanbul
13Gas Turbines: Characteristics And Performance Evaluation In The Field23-Apr-1727-Apr-175 daysLebanon - Beirut
14Fans, Blowers & Compressors: Selection Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting7-May-1711-May-175 daysEgypt - Sharm El Sheikh
15Energy Conservation In The Ceramic Industry And Economic Aspects14-May-1718-May-175 daysItaly Rome
16Computer Aided Design Of Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning Systems HVAC (Part II)21-May-1725-May-175 daysEgypt, Cairo
17Industrial Measurements And Instrumentation9-Jul-1713-Jul-175 daysJeddah, Saudi Arabia
18Piping Stress Analysis By Caesar II16-Jul-1727-Jul-175 daysMalaysia, Kuala Lumpur
19Pneumatic Actuation And Control Systems30-Jul-173-Aug-175 daysMorocco, Casablanca
20Design And Construction Of Piping Systems6-Aug-1710-Aug-175 daysDoha, Qatar
21Motor & Transformer Overhauling / Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)13-Aug-1717-Aug-175 daysEgypt, Alexandria
22Instrumentation And Instruments Loop Control20-Aug-1724-Aug-175 daysMunich - Germany
23Compressors And Pumps For Petroleum Industries10-Sep-1714-Sep-175 daysRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
24Material Testing And Quality Control Tools17-Sep-1721-Sep-175 daysUAE - Dubai
25Operation And Maintenance Of Gas And Steam Turbines24-Sep-1728-Sep-175 daysUnited States of America
26Basic Principles Of Hydraulic Systems1-Oct-175-Oct-175 daysMalaysia, Kuala Lumpur
27Advanced Course In Hydraulic Systems8-Oct-1719-Oct-1710 daysJeddah, Saudi Arabia
28Electro Hydraulic Control Systems15-Oct-1719-Oct-175 daysEgypt, Cairo
29Maintenance And Fault Analysis Of Hydraulic Systems29-Oct-172-Nov-175 daysJordan - Amman
30Hydraulic Systems For Sales Reprehensive12-Nov-1716-Nov-175 daysItaly Rome
31Design And Manufacturing Of Hydraulic Systems19-Nov-1723-Nov-175 daysDoha, Qatar
32Basic Principals Of Pneumatic Systems26-Nov-1730-Nov-175 daysLebanon - Beirut
33Electric Pneumatic Control Systems10-Dec-1714-Dec-175 daysFrance, Paris
34Pumps Operation And Maintenance17-Dec-1728-Dec-1710 daysBritain, London
35Principles Of Energy Management For Engineers31-Dec-174-Jan-185 daysRiyadh, Saudi Arabia

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